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003_Wayne Crichlow (@chasingthelight_67)Photography – “the art or practice of taking and processing photographs” In its literal sense this may seem simple but we all know as fellow photographers this is but a small element of a highly expressive art form.

To capture an image is to capture the very essence of life itself and of that moment in time that can never be repeated. Light is the single most important ingredient of photography. It is always changing, flattering and sometimes unforgiving. It demands patience and understanding and never to be rushed or hurried.

My name is Wayne Crichlow, I am a British born photographer living in the suburbs of the great city of London.

I started out my passion of photography with a very modest bridge camera and no real expectations of doing anything more serious than a few family snaps. I was that guy who always seemed to have a camera in his hand almost everywhere be it weddings, birthdays, day trips and holidays. I was never photographing in an official capacity but I was clearly intrigued by the creative freedom and dear I say it power that you have from behind the lens. Strangely enough or not some may say I am far more comfortable taking the picture than actually being in them myself!

Most of us go through the same genesis of becoming a photographer. Snapping just about anything anywhere and anytime.  Experimenting with composition and getting savvy with the latest kit and editing software etc. Subject matters become so varied that it takes a while to understand your direction and unique style.

Gordon Parks, Moneta Sleet Jr, Charlie Phillips to Vivian Maier, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mary Ellen Mark, Sabastiao Salgado and Fan Ho are but a few of inspirational photographers that have opened my eyes to the genera that is Street and Documentary Photography. I enjoy getting up early or going out late to London observing life as it swirls around me. I wait and I watch not intervening but objectively recoding a scene.  My composition begins in my mind as I watch. I am thinking how I can capture this image in a way that whoever looks at the final image can feel like they are there but can also build their own narrative. “Where is he going?”, “what is at the end of that tunnel?”  , “what is she thinking?”

The situations in the images that I have captured provide an insight into our dynamic surroundings. Always moving, always changing and
always honest.

This is the world as I see it through the lens of my camera.

Capture every moment as if it were your last“-Wayne Crichlow

To see more of my images and keep up to date with the latest news please visit my website Wayne Crichlow Photography

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter

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  1. Hey Wayne, thanks so much for the like and follow on my blog! I really appreciate that you took the time to stop by. You have some great work on your site as well, kudos 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much :O)


  2. kinneret says:

    Hi Wayne. Thanks for visiting my art blog. I love street/candid photography.

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  3. yurirasin9 says:

    Hi Wayne, thanks for checking out my blog. Your fellow streettog from France 🙂

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    1. Hey no problem 😊


  4. Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray

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